Our Mission

Our mission is simple. To create the tastiest gluten-free, vegan friendly doughnuts for as many people as we possibly can. We want our doughnuts to be loved by everyone, especially those who can't normally enjoy doughnuts due to dietary requirements.

About Us

Founded on the personal frustration of suffering from multiple food allergies. Walking around shopping centre food courts, trying to find food, let alone desserts to enjoy that does not contain gluten or dairy was near impossible. We know first hand what it is like to miss out, and we are grateful to be a part of the solution. This is our why.

Customer Reviews

  • Oh my gooooodness!!

    "Oh my gooooodness!! Honestly SO DELICIOUS! If you are having a bad day, get it! If you are having a great day, even more reason to get it!!!! So soft and perfect amount of sweetness!"

    Jure Tabuena


  • Donuts sent from heaven!!

    "Happy Dough is like donuts sent from heaven!! I honestly had just resigned myself to never being able to eat donuts again. They were so light and perfect... and I had no reaction in any way when eating them. 100% recommend, and will be buying them again! A side note, the customer service was lovely which is also important!"

    Jessica Nedved


  • Incredibly tasty donuts, perfectly sized, great selection!

    "Absolutely love donuts, partner told me about this place on her way home from work. Incredibly tasty donuts, perfectly sized, great selection! Will be back for more... constantly!"